Jul 22, 2005

'Superbly rewarding set of views'

We all want to be thought intelligent, says James Hamilton, and these days supporting an anti-Bush, anti-Capitalist, Kyoto, anti-Globalisation, anti-War set of views gives you that without having to do anything much beyond "stick[ing] the Guardian of the Independent in your bag."

Some of the rewards you get for adopting those views:

People think that you have cleverly not been fooled by liars.
People think that you are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others
You can do all the adopting of these views from home. No equipment or additional purchase needed
You line up with Geldof, Tutu, Mandela, Castro, Galloway, Moore, Benn - charisma is on your side, and it rubs off on you
You have a context for passion, anger, commitment - which other people accept
You are no longer to blame for global warming - you're on the side of the angels
You are no longer responsible for poverty - you're on the side of the angels
You have access to the youth-giving properties of these views
You are assumed to be tolerant, anti-racist, in favour of human rights
You are assumed to be easy-going and to have a sense of humour
You are assumed to be capable of a fulfilling sex life
You are assumed to be in the right on the issues of the day without your having to demonstrate this
You get to feel you're in the majority and in the vanguard at the same time

Via PooterGeek.

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