Jul 22, 2005

Multi-culti madness

Got a butter knife in your school bag? Automatic suspension.

Draw pictures of tombstones with the names of two teachers on them? Call the cops.

Make a list of students you don't like? Suspension.

Write a story in which you fantasize about being a suicide bomber? You get a(n Australian taxpayer-supported) prize!
The back door opens. Two American soldiers. The enemy. The destroyers, who say they are here to save us. I hate the Americans ...

"Get them to the camp," the gruff one orders ...

A prisoner of war with nothing to live for except maybe to uphold the memories of my beloved Allah, my parents and my country.

To truly show the world what it means to be Muslim, I reach under my salwaar kameez and release the catch of dynamite strapped to my chest. Two minutes. Silence. THEN!!!!!

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