May 25, 2005

List of lists: Movies

Time's top 100 movies. Personal quibbles:

  • The Fly?

  • The Purple Rose of Cairo?

  • No Patton?

  • If we're talking Almodovar, I prefer Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down to Talk to Her for sheer zaniness.

  • It's a Wonderful Life? Phooie! Most overexposed movie, ever. If we're gonna go for Frank Capra, how about It Happened One Night, Mr. Deeds, or--in these filibuster-obsessed times--Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?

  • I like The Lady Eve all right. But I think Palm Beach Story is funnier. And why confine yourself to one Preston Sturges movie? The Miracle at Morgan's Creek or Sullivan's Travels should have been included. Not to have done so is a serious breach of critic/viewer ethics.

  • I can't argue with The Awful Truth, but my favorite Cary Grant as Cary Grant movie is Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

  • Heretical statement: I would not put Casablanca on the list. It's another overexposed movie. Ingrid Bergman is almost supernaturally appealing, I'll grant you that. Claude Raines is always a pleasure, agreed. But that Marseillaise scene may be the cheesiest scene in all moviedom. Letters of transit? Ridiculous. If you want hardboiled Bogart, go for The Maltese Falcon. For gruff, tough Bogart with a heart of gold, pick The African Queen.

  • I was too lazy to list my top 100. Not so: Michele, Sheila, or Robb. While you're at it check out Michele's list of overrated movies.

    Also, via Robert Llama, The All-Time Top 100 Voices in Movies. I would add only that I went to see Phone Booth just to hear Kiefer Sutherland talk on the phone; and I think Sarah Jessica Parker has a nice voice.

    And, via Sheila, 100 Funniest Performances Ever, part I.

    Feel free to jump in with your own thoughts and opinions.

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