Aug 4, 2007

Insomnia sucks

I was up until 4 last night and up again before 8. After tossing and turning for about an hour, I get up to make coffee. Grind the beans, boil the water, pour over grounds, wait for coffee to drip. But it didn't drip. Apparently, in my stupor, I'd ground the beans to something resembling a paste. Pick up coffeepot, manage to spill grounds and boiling water all over the floor, dump pot in sink, manage to pour boiling water/grounds combination on my hand, burning my right thumb from the base of the fingernail down to the wrist. Hurts. Hurts like hell. Run cold water over wound, smear on cortisone cream, suddenly remember I have a leftover prescription for vicodin. Take pill, lie down hoping to retreat into the arms of Morpheus. Toss and turn for three hours. Get up, make more coffee. Son enters room. I describe my mishap. Get a lecture on how I ingest too much caffeine. Manage not to strangle son. Drive son to work. And now I'm too tired to sleep.

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