Mar 19, 2007

Obama, the Magic Negro

There's Sidney and Scatman and
Morgan and Johnson,
Will Smith and Duncan
And Cheadle, not Sharpton
But do you recall
The most magical Negro of all?

Obama, the Magic Negro
Looks so very nice and clean
And if you ever saw him
you would even say he gleams.

All of the other Negroes
Used to say he wasn't real
They didn't want Obama
to become their beau ideal.

Then one early Selma morn,
Obama told the crowd
"Even though my mom was white
I have suffered racist blight."

Then all the Negroes loved him
as they shouted out with glee,
Obama, the Magic Negro
you'll go down in history!

With apologies to Johnny Marks and Robert May.

Via Captain Ed.

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Anonymous said...

Dead on. Great parody