Sep 25, 2006

Raging RINOs: We don't have an official t-shirt

It's great to have a mantra to print on t-shirts and chant at demonstrations. But we RINOs aren't particularly high concept. Here's how our founding father describes us:
Are RINO’s an endangered species? How can Conservative bloggers who might not want to drink the Party Kool-Aid on every single issue (ESCR, Schiavo, small government, fiscal responsibility, senatorial compromises, free markets/trade, pandering to Creationists, etc.) find each other? Maybe you’re just concerned about rhetorical excesses by “our side.”

So, with that in mind, allow me to present the weekly RINO roundup.

Many slogans don't even make sense. Not even if you repeat them over and over. "Boobs not bombs" sounds good, but why can't we have both? Eric of Classical Values looks at an anti-gun initiative's similar slogan and finds it wanting.

"Buyer beware" is generally a pretty good rule to live by, especially when buying real estate. DM of Searchlight Crusade advises against using the listing agents for property you're interested in buying--even if you're using that agent to sell your house.

Why is Bill Clinton so angry? Don Surber figures he feels guilty for not taking Osama bin Laden seriously. But he's also peeved that others have accused him of not taking Osama bin Laden seriously. It's one of those definition of is things that Clinton does so well.

Why did the Iraqi chicken cross the road? Depends on who you ask.

Organic is good for you, right? Cody Herche shows why organic foods may be more "natural" than you'd like in the wake of the tainted spinach scare.

PGS pays a visit to the Bush-bashing university bookstore.

On the face of it, a plan by Wal-Mart to offer generic drugs for as little as $4 a month should win hearts and minds in American's newsrooms. But, as Tom Hanna reports, Wal-Mart just can win.

It's often said that nothing in life is certain but death and taxes, Gary the ex-Donkey would take that one step further: If the Democrats win Congress, taxes are most certainly going to go up.

Piglito's theory of relativism: It has magical properties. Just look at how the Associated Press has transformed Fatah as a group of fun-loving moderates.

Digger provides a handy round up of five immigration bills approved by Congress in the past week.

Finally, are you a high concept blogger? Barry at enrevanche asks his wife for a simple description of his blog and gets a not-so-simple summation. I expect readers of this blog would give a similarly convoluted description of Tinkerty Tonk.

ADDED: Don Surber sends a t-shirt suggestion:


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