Feb 15, 2006

Still protesting those cartoons

It's been five months now since the "offensive" Danish cartoons were first published and the protests are still going strong. Admittedly they got a late start--it took those Danish Imams some time to gather up the phony evidence--but you've got to marvel at the protesters' stick-to-itiveness.

It's hard to stay outraged for months at a time. I know it takes me some time to work myself up to a frenzy and, once I've torched a building or two, I'm spent. I couldn't possibly work myself up to that degree every day for months on end.

Imagine if the radical Islamists channeled that energy to productive use. Gaza would have one of the world's leading economies and wouldn't have to rely on foreign aid. Palestinians could pay for their own healthcare and schools instead of depending on the charitable works of that notable human rights organization, Hamas.

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