Nov 9, 2005

Lies and the lying liars who tell them: WMD division

Norman Podhorertz takes on the "Bush lied, People died" meme, also known as the 16 words, which evolved into the Plame/Libby/Wilson debacle, etc., etc.

It's a compelling, point-by-point refutation of the whole sorry story. Problem is: The people who should be reading it, either won't read it or won't be convinced. The WMD issue has become an article of faith-- like infant baptism, the holy trinity or transubstantiation--in the church of the antiwar left.

Here's another interesting tidbit in the WMD story (via Steve the Llama Butcher). I've gotta ask: If this is true, and I've no reason to doubt it, why hasn't the Bush administration trumpeted these findings at every opportunity?

UPDATE: More here.

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