May 24, 2010


Martin Gardner, RIP.

The sex scandal behind Brideshead Revisited.

The undeserving poor.

One man's take on chastity: Gandhi played by his own rules.


miriam said...

Very well chosen and original.

Holmes said...

Ghandi was a playa.

Jonathan said...

He was nuts. OTOH, it's a lot better to be obsessed with sex than with, say, annihilating ethnic minorities.

Rachel said...

This is true. However, he also suggested that the Jews suffering under the Holocaust should embrace nonviolence. And that if they were embracing it properly then none of that bad stuff would happen to them.

And that Palestine belongs to the Arabs. And that it would be a crime against humanity to give Palestine over to the Jews.

So. I'm not a fan.

Jonathan said...

Good points. He was, at best, out of his depth in many of his opinions about non-Indian issues, and on some issues he was simply wrong.

Another example of why it's unwise to lean on the authority of famous people (cf., Dalai Lama).