Jan 13, 2010

Pat Robertson

Not a "fool for Christ", just a fool. via Drudgereport.

Go away, Pat Robertson. Get thee behind me. You are not an oracle for God. You have no idea why an earthquake hit Haiti and what part of God's plan it fulfilled. My dad has been a missionary there. There are missionaries there now (perhaps have been killed or seriously injured) doing good work for a poor people. If you spent less time pontificating about natural disasters and more time showing the Love of God, you might be worth a damn. How much money did 700 club raise this week? How much is going towards helping people rather than building monuments to yourself?

Update: Mike Potemra has a more thoughtful response at the Corner. Same result though.

Update II: Though I also liked this comment at Althouse's blog. The problem is, he has a television show and a fairly sizeable following.

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Holmes said...

apparently  his ministries do a lot of charitable work.  Whatever.  A lot of people do a lot of charitable work without being overtly uncharitable in the things they say and without doing damage to an entire religion.