Jan 18, 2010

MLK Day 2010

I have not seen very many of postings today about MLK day, even given that we have the first Black president in history (if you were not aware). Is MLK day now consigned to regular holiday status like Labor Day or Presidents' Day where the original meaning has been diluted and people are just happy about a three day weekend? Was the ink exhausted on this topic last year and there is nothing more to say? Or is everyone just befuddled that the first Black president has not done more to improve race relations? (Whatever "race relations" means these days.) Whatever the reason, not a lot out there today besides the Coakley/Brown showdown, which has kind of a "Their Eyes Were Watching God" hurricane scene feel to it. And of course Haiti. An insightful 5000 word essay is in there somewhere, but I am going to go enjoy the day off.

Update: At least one politician was talking about MLK day. Might have been better to take the day off.

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