Jan 6, 2010

A man without glamor muscles

Tiger Woods:
[T]he great athlete looks so different from those Men's Health-type torso models who work their muscles solely for the purpose of getting their muscles to look the way people these days want to see muscles looking and who squeeze out the excess fat so we can get the best look at those muscles. By contrast, Tiger looks slightly porky and squishy. That's not a criticism. That's a suggestion that, knowing the functionality of the torso we're gazing at — and I'm including the sexual functionality — we ought to adjust our taste in male beauty.


Jonathan said...

Outstanding point. Ladies in the know, know that the most virile, romantic men tend to have soft, somewhat paunchy bellies. This is because they focus their scarce energies on blogging, computer programming and the needs of their womenfolk -- rather than on such vain girly-man activities as weight lifting and competitive athletics.

Holmes said...

A devastating dissection by Althouse.  I was reading some blog on the LA Times whining about the death of the industry, internet, everyone has a blog these days,  blah blah blah. I would post it here to contrast with Althouse's takedown of this writer, but I can't find the article. And I liked everywhere in the LA Times obituary section. 

Holmes said...