Jan 5, 2010

'Income is not distributed. Newspapers are ...'

I must say very little has been distributed to me.


Holmes said...

We're starting to get some. Becoming a homeowner- big one time tax credit, and now mortgage deduction. Both stupid policies. I get a student loan repayment from the government, and if I stay public sector for 10 years, they'll pay off the rest of my loans (!). Ridiculous and absurd policies, but I suppose it'll be some sort of payoff for Social Security and Medicare taxes I will never see back in any kind of personal benefit. Maybe for my/our parents, but then it's only tangentional and means they don't have to live with us necessarily :)

In the end, it's all just money, of course, and I know that does not add up to much. (Especially in like 10 years).

Holmes said...

Of course, it may not be income being redistributed to us, but rather just debt, which we pay for later in any event.

Holmes said...
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