Jan 24, 2010

I wondered what had happened

The Little Green Footballs meltdown.

During my longish hiatus from blogging, I didn't do much blog reading either, with the exception of the Fug Girls, Project Rungay and my beloved Manolo. I was pretty much done with politics, so outside of a weekly perusal of the Corner, I wasn't really paying attention to the rest of the blogosphere.

Then a couple of months ago I followed a disparaging link to LGF from some reliably right-wing blog--I forget which one--and was amazed at what had become of the place. Now I know, sorta.

Like Ann Althouse I was always vaguely repelled by LGF and only read it when others linked to it. But I can't say I'm flabbergasted by this turnaround. LGF was always sort of an echo chamber with all those "lizards" kissing the blog proprietor's ass. Not surprising, then, that Charles Johnson would start delinking when he came across people who disagreed with him.

But the Belgian stuff is kinda weird. Or oddly prescient.


CGHill said...

Prescience and madness are often arm in arm, or perhaps entangled by some other organs.

Jonathan said...

Do I need to have an opinion about this?

Rachel said...