Dec 21, 2009

Other Than That, It's Great

WSJ takes on the health care bill and the process by which it is being passed:
Never in our memory has so unpopular a bill been on the verge of passing Congress, never has social and economic legislation of this magnitude been forced through on a purely partisan vote, and never has a party exhibited more sheer political willfulness that is reckless even for Washington or had more warning about the consequences of its actions.

My favorite quote, from the President- the most thoughtful, articulate President (since George W. Bush):

"After a nearly century-long struggle we are on the cusp of making health-care reform a reality in the United States of America," Mr. Obama said on Saturday

A century long struggle to reform health care? Was there a copay for leeches in 1909? Aspirin wasn't even available without a prescription until 1915.

The first modern group health insurance plan did not form until 1929.

Why not say, "After six millenia, since the dawn of recorded history, we are on the cusp (precipice) of health care reform in the United States of America (on a strict party line vote that nationalizes 1/6th of the economy)?"

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