Aug 11, 2009

Civility My Ass

"Get in their faces." "Punch back twice as hard."

- President Obama, the Great Divider

This monstrosity of a health care bill isn't deserving of civility. I am in favor of a scorched earth policy. (And I would not be if most of Americans actually favored a single payer system. I would accept it with sadness and resignation. But it's not even being honestly debated about what the bill actually is.) Those on the right are always held to a higher standard of conduct and what does it get us? Bupkis. The Left is so accustomed to those on the Right standing by in docile fashion while they scream and rage and effect their policies. They don't know what to do when their own disruptive tactics are used against them.

The townhalls were propaganda/photo ops that were not designed for give and take. They gave the best seating to supporters, tried to shut out opposition, then called in the goons when sentiment started shifting. And let us not forget that this intended overhaul of 1/6 of our economy (and our entire society; see Steyn's article below) was not intended to be debated. It was supposed to have been passed in a legislative blitzkrieg couched in terms of dealing with the perpetual economic crisis. That sort of contempt for the citizenry, who will be stuck with this nonsense while the elites have their pick of what is left of the top tier health care system, is reprehensible. That the town halls and opposition to the health care bills are being publicized at all by the media are a direct result of the open hostility. And all of the actual violence that I have seen has been by Obama supporters.

This isn't just a health care bill- it's an attempt to redefine our society.

But if they think the hostility will die down once a bill is passed. Think again.

Rant over.

Update: What this guy says.


Paul said...

There's little civility on either side and a lot of ignorance on both sides. Let the health care system collapse. It probably will anuway with all of this partisan, vituperative mumbo jumbo being passed out ! It's the blame game and that doesn't solve anyhthing whether a Bush or Obama is on point.

Holmes said...


Agreed, it would be better if we could have a reasonable discussion. But that's not what was presented, and so I don't think a reasonable response should be expected.

My father in law was just denied health insurance because he now has a preexisting condition too. His company is canadian, so they just offer a health insurance stipend to U.S. employees. So here we see the flaws in teh employer-based system. But that doesn't mean the single payer is better either, of course.

Paul said...

Your father-in-law should be covered friend !! That's a damnable shame .