Jul 21, 2009

What Collectivism?

Cardin responded by asking Broadus what would happen if he became sick, broke a bone, had a car accident and ended up in an emergency room.

"You don't pay. You are part of the population that shifts its costs over to a person who does pay, and they're paying for you," Cardin said.

Explaining how hospitals have often to absorb those costs, Cardin said many hospitals would chose simply to leave the community.

"I just think the overriding public interest is to require you and everyone in this country to have health insurance," Cardin said

From a recent "Town Hall" (hate the term, thus the scare quotes) in D.C.

Update: Bobby Jindal presents a better way.

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KingShamus said...

Senator Cardin is a depressing reminder just how far we've fallen away from the idea of personal responsibility.