Jun 6, 2009

Update: Flight 93 Memorial Showdown

The comments here say it all.

Apparently 950 acres isn't enough for the feel goody theme park the National Parks Service intends to create. 500 more acres is needed. At the point of a gun.

I am all in favor of a tasteful memorial for those brave people aboard the plane. But nothing about this seems tasteful- more like a land grab by the National Parks Service. Naturally they'll need a slightly larger budget, more people employed, etc, etc.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most ridiculous things I've read. Does anyone at the NPS really think that the site will become a place of pilgrimage, or something to that effect, so that a huge amount of land is needed? It would be perfectly dignified and appropriate to have a small area with a fountain and a memorial plaque, perhaps an acre or two.


Holmes said...

Ridiculous is a good word fpr it.