Feb 26, 2009


Time to protest.

See everyone there?

Update: Check in your area as well for tomorrow's national protest.

Update II: Well, I made the trek downtown. At first I went to the Washington Monument, as that was the original planned site of the protest. But as no one was there right at noon besides foreign tourists, I called my friend to ask him to check on the location. They had moved it to the White House. 20 minutes later I came upon the protest and heard a few cheers from a distance. But that was it. About 300 to 400 people, many had signs. Mostly normal folks, with a couple of Ron Paul types. Spirits were up, but it was mostly just milling around for the time I was there. No other speakers or dignitaries. I had missed the bull horn shouts earlier. I talked to a lady who liked my shirt.
There were some people doing interviews with personal video equipment. I suppose it was a good production for a week's notice. But I just couldn't believe that a Republican leader, right here in DC, couldn't be bothered to get out in front of something like this. Isn't this their whole raison d'etre? Keeping taxes low and government somewhat limited? I felt the same way after attending the small House Republican protest over the summer over oil drilling. A couple of die-hard Republicans took part- the rest had important fundraisers to attend to, or whatever it is that they do. I think our political "leadership", top to bottom, is filled with people too small for a moment in history such as this. We are at a crossroads and a determined liberal minority is using it to reshape our nation in its own image. Shouldn't our elected leaders be more visible and vocal in opposition?

Update III: Someone else agrees politicians need to take notice.

Update IV: And someone is opposed to these uppity tax protesters.

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Holmes said...

By the way, the estimable Governor Mark Sanford and Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina excepted. They have been more than pulling their weight nationally for a state of 4 million people.