Feb 15, 2009

Lousy food and the portions are so small

A book reviewer pans Jimmy Carter's latest. And yet:
The book, in other words, is unoriginal, inaccurate, poorly written, and proposes precisely what didn’t work before. So what is Gorenberg’s conclusion? He urges Obama, despite the deficiencies of the book, to “take seriously Carter’s advice to pursue peace”:

The Gaza crisis is a reminder, as if another were needed, that ignoring this conflict is equivalent to waiting for it to explode again, with shock waves felt across the entire region. While a peace initiative may look risky, it might actually be the most prudent course the new administration could pursue.

What? For the last 15 years - from the handshake on the White House lawn to Condoleezza Rice’s two-year effort to create a Palestinian state - no conflict has been less ignored than this one. Nor, despite the attention, has any conflict exploded more often - usually after a formal Israeli two-state proposal, or a withdrawal from strategic land so Lebanese or Gazans could live “side by side in peace and security.”
I've often thought that benign neglect was the policy we should pursue vis-à-vis Israel and the "peace process."

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