Jan 21, 2009

Thank you, President Bush!

Here is a site collecting "Thank you" notes for former President Bush. You can just click to say "Thanks!" but you can also write a personalized note.

He couldn't speak very well in public or articulate a vision; most of his administration's defense was outsourced to bloggers and talk radio. He also let a corrupt GOP leadership run roughshod over our fiscal affairs during the economic boom years. But we were kept safe from attack for 7 years, a monumental achievement no one thought posssible at the time. We have won in Iraq thanks to his courage. And literally millions of Africans owe him their lives. He also remains a good and gracious man despite suffering the slings and arrows of the Left and the Right. It was time for him to go (and probably for the Bush family in its entirety to resign from national political life), so he won't be missed, but he can still be appreciated.

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