Jan 31, 2009

Curvy is the new fat

At 33, Kate Winslet has looked so stunning on the red carpet this awards season that's it's hard to believe she was once considered one of Hollywood's curviest stars during her 'Titanic' days.

Tabloids and the like have been using "curvy" as a euphemism for fat for a while now, actually. So they've taken a word once considered a compliment and turned it into an insult. But a very subtly veiled one; no one can actually object to being called curvy, but it's an insult all the same.

Of course, Kate Winslet, who was once referred to as Kate Weighs-alot by some bitchy director (I forget whom), isn't fat in either photo. But the allegedly fat photo was taken more than 10 years ago, so her makeup is dated. Add an unflattering hairstyle and a natural paleness and she's deemed unattractive.


Holmes said...

She looks like a goth chick in the first picture. She looks striking now.

miriam said...

I remember how pretty she was when she was "curvy"--fresh and appealing.