Nov 18, 2008

Drudge Today

How will we know where one ends and the other begins? From Drudge: "Peta Plans to Protest Circus."

My assessment: Rarrrr! (And very far up the crazy-hot scale)

If the U.S. is lost in the wilderness when it comes to economic and property rights, maybe we can find our way home by moving away from what we are not.

See also: Kelo.

Highlighting the main difference between solving societal problems through private charitable acts and government mandates. The government can put a lien on your house and then throw you in jail when you refuse to pay the last red cent.

No one really talks about the gap in employment between men and women in the fields of teaching and nursing. (Or the now emerging gap between college-educated men and women.) Glass ceilings? Intimidation from even entering the field to begin with? Perhaps aided by gender-biased social normalization? Drastic reparations are needed! A cottage industry of seminars, undergraduate male studies programs, grant money should be en route...but won't be. Because when men aren't doing well at something, it's turnabout for centuries of oppression.


Lianne said...

Have you been to to find out why PETA protests them? They're incredibly cruel and there's no reason for animals to suffer for our entertainment.

Holmes said...

Does it have more pictures of naked female PETA protesters? If not, I am unlikley to visit it.

Holmes said...

When PETA has concrete evidence of crimes, it shares it and we prosecute. Probably don't need a lot of people naked in tiger paint for sympathy there.

Is this a bad time to bring up the really good mini-burgers (ground up cow meat) I had for lunch? ;)