Oct 23, 2008

Sarah Palin wardrobe scandal du jour

The GOP spent $150,000 on VP candidate's clothes.
Sarah Palin’s wardrobe joined the ranks of symbolic political excess on Wednesday, alongside John McCain’s multiple houses and John Edwards’s $400 haircut, as Republicans expressed fear that weeks of tailoring Ms. Palin as an average “hockey mom” would fray amid revelations that the Republican Party outfitted her with expensive clothing from high-end stores.

If Palin had bought all her clothes at Wal-Mart, there would be an outcry about her patronizing a big box store and endangering small-town merchants. If she made her own clothes, there'd be an outcry over poor, unemployed garment workers.

But what really irks the NY Times is the fact that her look hasn't changed all that much.
The Republicans spent about $150,000 on a clothing makeover for Ms. Palin and her family, according to financial disclosure forms. But looking at the before-and-after photos, it was not readily apparent what Ms. Palin got, exactly, from her shopping spree at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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View from Here said...

First it was revealed (albeit in an appropriately delicate manner) that Mrs. Palin is essentially a crook, and now we learn her "hockey-mom" status is fake -- the emperor has no clothes... I find it truly frightening that the United States could soon fall into the hands of a “maverick” who chose this individual as his running mate. If McCain wins, this election will not only predictably lead to a constitutional crisis, but will ultimately do more harm to the reputation of the evangelical Christian movement than the seedy, religiously-oriented Dead Sea Scrolls scam put on as a purportedly scientific exhibit last year at a “natural history” museum in San Diego. See


miriam said...

I think she is very attractive with a great figure. She looks good in everything she wears. She is running for an important job where she will represent the country--should she dress in rags.

Also--the article stated that they outfitted Palin and her family. That's seven people, although the baby could probably get away with wearing his jammies.

BTW, where do the Dead Sea Scrolls come into this discussion?

Holmes said...

View from Here has to be an Obama-bot.

I would like to know how much Obama is charging for his 100 economics advisors, none of whom have apparently studied economics.

jonathan said...

Only when Sarah Palin does something does it become a scandal.