Sep 2, 2008

The Left is Loathsome

Melissa Clouthier has a rundown of the personal attacks on Palin and her family. Jesus, these people make my blood boil. I honestly was not going to vote- I have to get a new driver's license, might mean I have to pay the VA car tax after just paying the SC tax. But now I'm voting out of spite. Hurricane Gustav-force winds couldn't stop me from going to the polls at this point.

Update: A really good post about what is actually going on here. The Left is trying to use their misperception about the beliefs of those on the religious Right against them. It's not going to work out well, I predict.

Update II: I eagerly await the Associated Press's review of Obama with the names Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright appearing prominently for a little perspective. "$4,500 from a campaign fundraiser??? Dear God!" Is this all ya got, Libs? Can't have those anti-abortion women experiencing wandering uterus and leaving the fold, can we?

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