Aug 29, 2008

Obama Palin in Comparison

Obama- minority
Palin- non-minority, but women lumped into the same category for some reason

Obama- speaks well
Palin- speaks well

Obama- good looking
Palin- really good looking

Obama- community organizer to full-time Presidential campaigner, part-time Senator
Palin- community and state reformer to humble VP nominee

Obama- "bitter people clinging to guns and religion"
Palin- one of those who clings to guns and religion

Obama- spouse is a documented angry racist; I wouldn't want to hang out with
Palin- spouse unknown, races snowmobiles; I would want to hang out with

Obama- plays basketball
Palin- played basketball, hunts, likes hockey

Obama- no executive experience
Palin- two years state executive experience

Obama- annoys Hillary supporters
Palin- intrigues Hillary supporters; raises liberal cognitive dissonance levels

Palin- really good looking; worth repeating.

Advantage: Palin

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Palin=butt ugly
Obama=really good looking
just thought i'd set the record straight