Jul 25, 2008

Somehow I Missed This Iowahawk Piece

I think I was moving to DC at the time so that will have to serve as my only excuse. I've read it over a few times and it gets better with each read. It reminds me of when I bought U2's "Achtung Baby!" album and played it into the ground.
Anyway, Iowahawk is to parody what Al Gore is to self-parody.

A snippet:

53 "But Father Williams," sayed the Gaye-manne

54 "Though I am but a layman

55 The Mussleman youthes hath smyte me so

56 Whan on streets I saunter wyth my beau."

57 Sayed the Bishop in a curt replye

58 "I am as toolrant as anye oothere guy,

59 But if Mussleman law sayes no packynge fudge,

60 Really nowe, who are we to judge?"

It was in response to this news.

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