Jul 31, 2008

An Answer for My Blogger Host

(This blog is becoming a bit navel-gazing isn't it? I have an "inny.")

Yes, the application process almost destroyed me. I must have applied for hundreds of federal positions in the year or so leading up to graduation. It is all governed by statute and regulation- Title 5, and 5 CFR (rules promulgated by the Office of Personnel Management). This is so the process is "fair." Or at least "Hypertechnical posing as fair." If you have enough threshold points to get past the initial screening, you then go to an interview. The interviewer then does a ranking and then hands it over to the deciding official (unless there is a second interview) for the final selection. And that process only occurs if management doesn't revoke the posting and re-work it or shelve it in the meantime. After I was selected (and thank goodness the posting was for multiple positions [note: seek out those, better odds and all] I still had to wait on my security clearance. I would guess that the whole process took approximately 9 months. It's a good thing I wasn't in demand- the process lends itself well for getting dregs like me. But after you are in and you attain you become a status employee post-probationary period, you're in. It then becomes much easier to move around. Anyway, this complicated process ensures that many people are hired as classification and staffing specialists as well. And then EEO specialists on top of that to field the complaints when someone is not selected. It's a make-believe world. Sorry. That is my answer. I did not say it would be a good one.

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