Dec 27, 2007

What do you want to bet

That someone will propose outlawing tigers in zoos in the wake of the San Francisco tiger incident?

I'm listening to the "Today Show" right now and Ann Curry is grilling this zoo expert as if the "zoo community" were pulling one over on the rest of us and knowingly exposing our children, or rather "The Children," to danger for the sake of ... What? Filthy lucre? Are the zookeepers of America in league with Big Pharma?

I paraphrase:
Zoo guy: This is a once-in-a-century event.
Curry: Sir, can you guarantee that this sort of thing will not occur again?
Zoo guy: This is as if there were never a car accident in the history of automobiles. It's unprecedented.
Curry: You, sir, are not responding to the question. Is it possible that this will occur again?
Zoo guy: Anything's possible when you're dealing with a wild animal, but this ....
Curry: Can you, sir, in good conscience recommend taking children to the zoo in light of this horrific event?

Rest assured that the San Francisco City Council is already "taking action."
The move came as Mayor Gavin Newsom's administration called on zoo officials Wednesday to make immediate changes to ensure that the gruesome attack is not repeated.

"Live animal attacks won't be tolerated in San Francisco, and the mayor expects immediate improvements in protocols and facilities so that tragedies such as this never happen again," Newsom's spokesman Nathan Ballard said. "It's simply unacceptable."

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