Dec 13, 2007

Funny, but my Catholic school friends weren't murdered by their fathers

For hiking their uniform skirts up to their pupik when they left the house.
All this is nonsense, of course. Murdering daughters is no more an Islamic value than murdering estranged wives is a Western one. Muhammed Parvez might have been fighting a losing battle trying to make Aqsa wear a hijab, but that hardly sets him apart. Few are the fathers, of any faith or none, who have not clashed with their adolescent daughters over something - boyfriends, lipstick, short skirts, staying out late, dyed hair, body piercings, tattoos and any number of other age-inappropriate enormities.

That such clashes can sometimes lead to violence and even murder is also not a phenomenon peculiar to Muslim families, as anyone who reads newspapers attentively can tell you. But once again, some people have been too eager to jump aboard the anti-Muslim bandwagon. To judge a faith and a culture on this one squalid incident is absurd.


How about if we judge a culture by this?

Or this?

Perhaps you'd prefer this?

Does this count?

Can we judge a culture on this?

How about this?

Can I start judging yet?

Are we there yet?


Via Kathy Shaidle.

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