Nov 29, 2007

Parents these days

What the hell is wrong with them?

Like this Internet hoaxer who allegedly bullied a child to death by posing as a cute boy on MySpace. This moral idiot wanted to see what the dead girl, Megan Meier, 13, was saying about her daughter with whom Megan had been friends. Yes, that's right, 48-year-old Lori Drew inserted herself in a squabble between two teenage girls not by acting like a mother and urging her daughter to get over the rift and move on, but by acting like a middle school student.

I don't know how familiar my readers are with teenage girls, but they're a volatile lot. I speak from experience, having been a teenage girl. I once didn't speak to my best friend for an entire summer because she refused to try on a pair of pajamas I gave her for her birthday. We had been inseparable until then. We were inseparable after that. During the interregnum, I vaguely remember my mother asking me what had become of my friend. I believe she sighed and called me an idiot when I explained the situation. The incident ended there as far as my mother was concerned.

Lori Drew chose a different course. She decided that the adult thing to do was to pose as a teenage boy, befriend Megan and then inexplicably turn on her and post nasty things about her on MySpace.

The mind boggles.

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