Nov 19, 2007

Not so hot

Newsflash: Not very attractive people are less picky about the looks of their potential dates or mates than attractive people. Make that attractive people who are needy and desperate enough to post their photo on Hot or Not in the hopes of being thought attractive and then check their ratings every hour or so.

Other findings:

  • Men were more open to potential dates than women, by 240 percent.
  • Men were also much more generous in their appraisals than women.
  • If you were on the receiving end of a request, then the likelihood of accepting increased if other Hot or Not users found the requester to be attractive.
  • And if you were deemed attractive by the community, then you were more likely to be picky in saying yes to potential dates. For every point lower you scored on the Hot or Not 1-10 scale, the chances of saying yes to a potential date increased by 25 percent.
  • There was no difference between how attractive and unattractive people rated other users.

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