Sep 27, 2007

Random musings

  • I'm still rather miffed that I have to list my high school's address--with zip code--and phone number on various employment applications. Fer Chrissakes, anyone who may have known me is probably dead. And I was only there six months so I don't that I made much of an impression. Also, sometime in the past week I lost my Luddite-ish address book, which contained a lot of important addresses and phone numbers. I know I should have that stuff stored someplace online, but I never felt like typing it in.

  • Does the government regulate deodorant? I ask because I just saw a commercial for a product that claims to exceed "the required" protection against sweatiness. I wasn't aware there was any such requirement. Perhaps it's like RDA for vitamins--a sort of guideline. If they're gonna regulate antiperspirant protection, though, I think they should require everyone to wear the required amount of protection.

  • Thanks to "Top Chef," I'm developing a passion for Chef Tom Colicchio. When he enters the kitchen wearing his blue chef's jacket, my pulse races.

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