Sep 5, 2007

I'm skeptical

Writer Anne Kreamer goes gray, writes a book about it and concludes that men are more attracted to older women with gray hair.
Men find grey hair sexy. Men read youth in “attitude and energy and vitality, and the way a woman carries herself”. She experimented with theoretical internet dating: posting herself as 50, separated, living in Brooklyn, no children – first as a brunette, then after three months posting the same information but substituting “silver hair”. “And do you know, four times as many men ‘winked’ me – which is the online term for wanting to know you better – with my hair grey! Maybe this is unique to New York, I thought. So I tried it in Chicago and LA as well: and the national average was that three times as many men were interested in me with grey hair.

“I was dumbfounded. It was counter-intuitive! We’re scared of losing our sexual attractiveness, but the exact opposite happened.” Perhaps, she concluded, at the age of 50, honesty and authenticity is valued by mature males.
Hmmm. I wonder.

Also: What's with this tendency among women, particularly these so-called creative women, to take a personal decision and attach global significance to it. Go gray. Dye your hair. Do whatever you want. But your personal decision has nothing to do with the rest of us. It's not a harbinger of some sort of gray liberation movement, empowering gray-haired women throughout the land. Nor are you particularly courageous just because you don't (or do) dye your hair.

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