Aug 22, 2007

The nightowls next door

I'm beginning to suspect that my new neighbors are vampires and 2 am is their witching hour. That's the time they chose to move in. Last night they were similarly energized at 2 am.

I awoke to hear talking coming from their doorstep, conveniently located a few feet from my bedroom window. They were evidently saying goodbye to a gentleman caller. The door slammed shut. About 30 seconds later, the door opened and one of them ran outside and endeavored to get the attention of the guy who just left. "Reggie," she repeated over and over again in a cross between a whisper and a shout that resulted in a hissing noise much like, I imagine, the voice of Voldemort when addressing a crowd of his followers. When her entreaties failed to work, she stomped downstairs in her hobnail boots and knocked on his car window. The two then engaged in a loud but unintelligible colloquy conducted in Parseltongue. Then I heard a car door open and the two drove away.

I began to drift back to sleep when the neighbors' door opened again and I was treated to a one-sided conversation conducted in a low murmur. I can only assume that she gets better cell phone reception outside my window than inside her apartment.

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