Aug 26, 2007

Carnival of Maryland XIV

From hill to hill, from creek to creek,
Potomac calls to Chesapeake,
Maryland! My Maryland!


Arts and Music

Kevin Dayhoff discusses the work of artist Edward Hopper "considered by many art historians to be one of the most influential, if not one of the most popular artists of the twentieth century."

Kevin recommends that readers take advantage of the Carroll County Arts Council's September 25 bus trip to the National Gallery of Art to see a retrospective of Hopper's work. He saw the exhibit in Boston and gives it a rave review.

Jon Rochetti previews the Baltimore Antiques Show: "As the largest summer indoor Antiques Show in the country, the 27th annual Baltimore Summer Antiques Show is the place for antique lovers."

Local news

Joyce Dowling points out that a Bowie City building and a school in Greenbelt are using straw as a building material. Joyce also invites readers in Prince George's County to join a freecycle listerv to exchange treasures they no longer use.

Local Politics

Matt Johnston is chafed. Chafed at the machinations of the Baltimore Teachers Union.
Baltimore schools are set to open on Monday and now teachers are being told--don't do anything extra. Working to the rule at a time when extra effort is required, i.e. at the beginning of a school year, is a cheap shot and clearly does not have the best interests of students at heart

Stan Modjesky had a "Gregor Samsa" moment after his mother's car was broken into outside her Dundalk home. "Last week," he reports, "I discovered that some interesting changes have taken place here in Baltimore County. Car theft has been legalized, and we have acquired a fourth branch of government."

Streiff thinks Baltimore Fire Chief William J. Goodwin is a dead man walking and wonders why Baltimore fire trainee Racheal Wilson was even allowed to enter the academy, given her physical condition.

State Politics

Stephanie Dray objects to Governor Martin O'Malley's proposal that anyone arrested be required to submit DNA samples.
The collection of DNA has Fifth Amendment implications that make me uncomfortable and the collection of DNA from everyone who is arrested, even if no case is ever brought against them? That's completely unacceptable. Especially in Baltimore City where the prosecutorial record points to a high percentage of false arrests.

Speaking of O'Malley, Patrick Ostronic, aka the Maryland Conservatarian,
takes on O'Malley's attacks of Bob Ehrlich's record.

National Politics

Michael Swartz finds slim pickings at best when he looks at the GOP presidential and congressional candidates.
There’s no one out there who’s really taking it to the Democrats - instead a lot of the GOP candidates are doing the Democrats’ work for them by infighting and exposing what they consider hypocrisy on some issues. It’s especially true with the frontrunners Romney and Giuliani being attacked by the more socially conservative candidates. We’re all waiting for someone to call out the Democrats on a regular basis - saying in effect to hell with working with them, they are going to work with me and if they don’t I’ll use my bully pulpit to get them out of Congress.

Natural beauty

The green leaves of the Ridger's photos provide a lovely contrast to the weather in Gray Monday. Red and Gray and LBJ provides more local color.

Soccer Dad takes us on a photographic tour of Cunningham falls state park.


In Ouch! Attila finds some consolation for fans in the Orioles' 30-3 defeat by the Rangers.

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