Aug 16, 2007


A local chef being interviewed on the radio about fresh produce kept saying, "if you're more adventuresome ..." She must have said it five times. It was driving me crazy. What happened to good old adventurous? I know they're basically the same thing, but it seems I lived my whole life having never heard the word adventuresome spoken until a few years ago and now everybody's saying it. I don't like it.

Another thing I've noticed is that advances--as in advances in medicine--has been almost totally replaced by advancements, which is just plain icky. Who needs that extra syllable?

People used to go into surgery for an operation or a procedure. e.g.: "He had six operations on his knee." Now they go into surgery for for a surgery, e.g.: "She underwent three surgeries before her face looked human again." Have you noticed this evolution?

How about a word analogy: Magazine is to article as blog is to ______?

I see more and more people referring to an item on a blog as a blog, as in: "I wrote a blog last week on the Crimean War." No. No, you didn't. You wrote a post on the Crimean War.

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