Jul 30, 2007

Stephen King territory

That's what a neighbor of this woman said upon finding out that police found the bodies of four infants in her apartment.
Police said that they were contacted by social service workers early Thursday at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Police said that doctors determined that Freeman, 37, had been pregnant but the baby was missing.

Police said they searched her home in the 200 block of Sunset Drive on Thursday night and found the deceased infant. Police said Freeman lives in the upstairs apartment of the house with her boyfriend and four other children.

Later Thursday, the remains of two more infants were found inside garbage bags inside a trunk in Freeman's bedroom, a police spokesman said. A third garbage bag concealed with the other two contained what appeared to be a placenta, police said.

On Friday, the remains of the fourth infant were found inside a motor home parked in the driveway, said Barry Neeb, the spokesman.

Did this woman just have sex, get pregnant, drop the kid where it landed and continue on? Four times? And how did the other four children manage to survive?

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