Jul 24, 2007

I believe that you believe that I believe

Zogby poll reveals that most Americans don't think of themselves as racists. But they believe that their neighbors believe that minorities are inferior.

Why ask Americans what they believe their neighbors believe?
Pollster John Zogby said, “Over my years of polling, I’ve learned that Americans tend to offer socially acceptable responses when questioned on their own views about race and prejudice. That’s why in this poll we predominantly asked people about “most Americans’” views on race and prejudice. We believe this provides a far more accurate window into how people really think about these issues. Americans are more forthcoming when discussing the problem in the context of their neighbors’ lives than in the context of their own lives.”

In other words, Zogby believes that most Americans are racists. And liars.

Do you believe that?

Via memeorandum.

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