Jul 13, 2007

And so it is

There's a growing black market in France for driver's license points in response to the installation of cameras along the roadways.
The illegal market is fuelled by a widespread belief that there is something immoral and unFrench about the enforcement of the 15-year-old points system with speed cameras.

Polls show many believe that les radars have been installed as an unfair ploy to make money for the state. Dozens of installations on motorways and major roads have been vandalised. Eighty per cent of offences are for under 20 km/h excess speed, yet each eats two points from the licence. The loss of all 12 triggers a six-month suspension plus the obligation to retake the driving test.
It's also unAmerican and just plain wrong.

The French government, naturally, is desperate to put an end to the practice and has devoted €20 million to find ways to end it. Fortunately I have the answer and I'll give it at no cost to French taxpayers: Take down the cameras.

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