Jun 27, 2007

They know the drill

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan enter the Naval Academy.
"They definitely know more about combat than us, but we know more about being a midshipman," said Sarah Roberts, a senior who will lead 10 plebes during the summer.

There aren't as many moms and dads outside on "I-Day Minus One," and many of the plebes-to-be are prone to cocky grins, knowing they won't be so easily tripped up. After all, they know how to stand at attention, march, salute and polish their shoes, and their hair is already shaved or, for women, wound into tight buns.

But that attitude is what gets some of them into trouble - maybe a few more push-ups or an essay on leadership. Yesterday, as a dozen or so stood in line waiting to begin a long day of screening for tattoos, earrings and medical issues, as well as a maze of paperwork and processing, one upperclassman lamented that the group "was walking around out there like this is some kind of summer camp."
Very cool story.

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