Jun 8, 2007

Latest Harry Potter spin off

Wizard rock.
"There's 200-something bands, and they all want their own character," explained Matt Maggiacomo from the Whomping Willows. "Draco and Harry and Moaning Myrtle were scooped up right away, so you start picking Tom Riddle's diary or whatnot. For instance, I developed my character by thinking about what the Whomping Willow does and what it means, and I realized it's protecting an outcast — so [the tree] itself became an outcast who is reaching out. I would say the Whomping Willow is a kind of misunderstood character and falls into a lot of passionate love affairs and does a lot of whomping. It really just has to find a girl who likes that sort of thing."

Not everything that wizard rockers sing about is directly from the books or movies. The Parselmouths, for instance, designed their characters to be stupid, superficial girls from Slytherin who do and say inappropriate and (sometimes) mean things — as if Sarah Silverman were a student at Hogwarts. "We're evil, but we're girly," said Parselmouths singer Kristina Horner. "Our parents were Death Eaters. We'll get our tattoos someday, but we don't even know what's going on. It's so over our heads."

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