May 2, 2007

Virginia Tech: Blame it on the Internets

China's "leading information technology expert," Li Ji-bing;
In examining the campus shooting incident in Virginia, it is clear that the personality of the murderer, Cho Sheung-hui, was withdrawn, eccentric and twisted. This young man's mentality is a reflection of the fact that over past 10 years, the rapid development of information technology has not only brought great opportunity and wealth, but a perversion of the human spirit due to the influx of distorted information. With the Internet culture and virtual world under constant development, the ability of individuals to communicate and interact with the surrounding society has steadily weakened.

Scientific experiments prove that communication skills are inversely proportionate to the degree of reliance on the Internet. More importantly, when people increasingly rely on the Internet and the virtual world, not only do his communications skills weaken, but his ability to make rational judgments in response to changes in the real world tend to weaken as well.
A good argument for China's policy of Internet censorship, no doubt.

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