Apr 18, 2007

In Spring a bald man's fancy lightly turns

To thoughts of driving a convertible with the top down.
The convertible is no friend to hair. Oh, sure, it looks great when it’s being ruffled by the breeze and you are smiling and laughing with your passengers like something out of a car advert, but the minute you step out of the vehicle you look like the recipient of a non-lethal electric shock.

Needless to say, if you are a gentleman of a certain age this is somewhat less of an issue. My father, who sported Dudley Moore-esque locks in the early 70’s, now has a number two buzz-cut all over and a hairline reminiscent of Vladimir Lenin’s. When he drives with the roof down he can rest in the knowledge that his hair will look exactly the same getting out of the car as it did getting in.

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