Apr 20, 2007

In defense of Alec Baldwin

Few people can be as infuriating as a 12-year-old child--especially if she's your daughter. OK, the pig remark was bad--and the self-pitying bits are unattractive in the extreme--but who among us hasn't made a total ass of himself while enraged?

Here's a recording of the call. Here's a mash-up, courtesy of Ace by way of Slublog.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously? You can defend him on this? This is the way he talked to his kid? I am an RN and have raised two teenagers and still have a 9 year old at home. This guy needs serious anger management. That's some rage he unleashed there. Don't know enough about Ms. Bassinger to comment on her but shame on Mr. Baldwin. What an ass he proved himself to be to his child. Glad she has forgiven him. I don't enjoy 30 Rock anymore. Very disappointed in him.