Apr 10, 2007

The Imus flap

Imus said something tasteless and offensive. How novel. He's been unapologetically saying tasteless and offensive things for decades. Why start apologizing now?

I'm not condoning Imus's remark, but his apology led directly to his appearance on Al Sharpton's radio show. The apology gave Sharpton and the other racial hucksters their wedge. Why, Imus, why? Are you that afraid of losing your job? I thought shock jocks were supposed to shock. And when you do step over the line, you're supposed to defend your right to be offensive.

Instead Imus's idiotic banter has become the latest chapter in our American version of the auto de fe. Now, instead of performing an act of contrition in the public square, one must kowtow to self-appointed spokespeople for the offended group for forgiveness. And possibly enter rehab.

I find these displays to be far more offensive than Imus.

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