Mar 9, 2007

Mean and nasty

John Derbyshire, who seems to be taking over Jewcy* these days, on Rudy Giuliani.
If I look at my own reasons for favoring Rudy, part of it is my perception that Rudy is one mean, nasty son of a bitch. I like that in a President. After all, it’s highly unlikely that the meanness and nastiness will be directed at me personally. It will, one hopes, be directed at America’s enemies; and at our corrupt, dysfunctional, and costly federal bureaucracies; and (this was sure the case during his mayoralty) at the race-guilt shakedown lobbies; and at our moronic, venal, and cowardly congresscritters; and… Why on earth would anyone want a nice guy for president?

Really, seen in this light, the only question about Rudy is, does he have enough ornery meanness and nastiness to go round? Is he a big enough son of a bitch? Perhaps there’s some kind of hormone treatment we can give Rudy, to make him even more of a pitiless, sneering, devious, wife-dumping jerk. I sure hope so.
This is exactly how I feel about Rudy. I'm not in love with America's mayor. I'm in love with the guy who told a disgruntled ferret owner that she was insane. I've had it with conciliators. I'm sick of dialogue. I want someone who will tell Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he's crazy if he thinks we'll let him have nukes. I want a guy who will tell our enemies off the way he did that Saudi prince who wanted to donate money after 9/11. That's what I'm talking about.

* Derbyshire and spanking enthusiast Daphne Merkin are on Jewcy analyzing blogs this week. The fun starts here.

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