Mar 22, 2007

By his work ye shall know him

What Fred Thompson's movies say about Fred Thompson the Presidential candidate.
No Way Out (1987): In this Kevin Costner-Gene Hackman political thriller, Thompson plays CIA director Marshall. His Central Intelligence colleague Kevin O'Brien explains that a murder suspect was likely having an affair with the victim:

Kevin O'Brien: Get ready for this. We think she's either David Brice's or Scott Pritchard's mistress . . . .

CIA Director Marshall: Well, spilt milk. And you can forget about Pritchard. He's homosexual.

Kevin O'Brien: I'll be damned.

CIA Director Marshall: So will he, if you believe the Old Testament.

Eternal damnation for homosexuals? Thompson could be a real hard-liner when it comes to gay rights, which might work to his advantage in the primaries but prove tricky in the general election.

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