Feb 14, 2007

Where do ice scrapers go for the summer?

Every year I have to buy a new one because it disappears. Do you think they beam themselves down to the Southern Hemisphere where they can continue to be of use? Or perhaps they team up with all those socks that go missing from the dryer.

This year I didn't need an ice scraper--until this morning when I found my car coated with an inch of the stuff. It didn't help that the fan that blows hot air into the car has of late developed a nasty habit of cutting out for no apparent reason. So, despite the fact that I trudged downstairs and warmed up the car, the defroster cut out and when I went to leave there was still an inch of ice on the car. And the scraper was AWOL. I finally trudged upstairs again and found the implement that I use to scrape grease off the grill. It did the trick.

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