Feb 5, 2007

Fox reaches out to bloggers

A deal with Critical Mention Inc. would allow bloggers to post video from their local affiliates and have a share of the revenues.
When the service rolls out in the spring, a KTTV-TV Channel 11 story about fire safety, for example, might get plastered on fire department websites, with some ad revenue going to the sites' owners.

"Our challenge is to maintain our reach," said Ron Stitt, Fox Television Stations' vice president for digital media. "But in the future, the way we do that is looking more and more like a multiplicity of platforms. We have to be in a variety of different places."

Fox joins a growing field of television companies experimenting with online video syndication, which flips the industry's traditional approach on its head.

TV networks are increasingly trying to attract audiences to their websites to watch shows. But through online syndication, TV companies such as Fox are placing targeted videos on specialty sites where potential viewers are likely to be.

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